Friday, May 26, 2023

Spotlight Artist 5/26: Howard Jones

Howard Jones is a popular British singer-songwriter and musician who first gained popularity in the mid-1980s. Born in Southampton, England in 1955, Jones began playing music at an early age and learned to play various instruments including the guitar, piano, and synthesizer.

Jones's musical style is characterized by his signature synth-pop sound, which incorporates catchy melodies with electronic beats and synthesizers. He is also known for his distinctive falsetto voice, which adds a unique touch to his music.

Jones's first major breakthrough came in 1983 with his hit single "New Song," which quickly climbed the charts in both the UK and US. He followed up with a string of hits including "What Is Love?" and "Things Can Only Get Better." Throughout the 1980s, Jones continued to dominate the airwaves with his catchy pop tunes and became a staple on MTV.

Since then, Jones has continued to release new music and tour around the world. He has released over a dozen albums and has sold millions of records worldwide. He has also remained a popular figure in the synth-pop genre, with his music continuing to inspire new generations of artists.

Despite his success, Jones has remained humble and dedicated to his craft. He has never strayed too far from his musical roots and continues to create music that is both uplifting and entertaining. Jones's music offers a glimpse into the synth-pop era of the 1980s, while still remaining relevant and inspiring to audiences of all ages.

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